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Gmail has been used widely by many users around the world as an email client. It offers many successful features to users such as data security etc. Irrespective of all the features of Gmail, data loss is a big issue for users. SysDataRescue Gmail Backup Tools is a smart & comprehensive tool for Gmail users. This tool can easily and quickly download Gmail emails to various file formats such as MBOX, PST, EML, EMLX, MHT, MSG, HTML, etc. SysData Gmail Backup Software can easily help to protect all your personal and valuable data by creating a backup of Gmail files. The Gmail files can be converted to user desired file formats and can be saved to user desired location such as Computer, Flash drive, External Drive, etc. This is the perfect tool for any kind of user i.e Beginner or Professional as it offers simple to use GUI. This software can be run with the utmost ease and can be used to create Gmail backup and restore. If you are facing the issue of “How to save Gmail emails to desktop” then this is the best tool that any user can have. This is a fully Windows compatible utility.

The key features of this tool are:

  • Backup Gmail emails on Windows in the form of PDF, PST, MBOX, and EML Files.
  • Allows download and backup of Emails, Contacts, Calendar, and other G-Drive items.
  • Provides an option to backup Google Docs / Spreadsheets / Slides / Images.
  • Users can directly export Emails of Gmail to Yahoo, Hotmail, Zimbra, Thunderbird, and other email clients.
  • Enables the users to take Google Drive Backup into external Hard Drive, Flash Drive, and Local machine.
  • Users can transfer Emails from one Gmail account to another in a safe manner.
  • The user can rename the resultant file as per their preference.
  • This utility allows users to backup and saves Gmail attachments.
  • Allows backup of selected emails with the help of Date Range Feature.
  • The Gmail mail backup tool offers to delete after Download option to create space on the Gmail Server.
  • The Utility offers a simple and self instructive User interface for better user experience.
  • Runs on all the Major Versions of Windows Operating System.
  • Free Gmail Backup tool for Windows offers Download of 50 Gmail Emails for free.
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Detailed Features of SysData Gmail Backup Tool

Save Gmail Emails to Multiple Formats
Save Gmail Emails to Multiple Formats

If you are facing the issue of “How to save Gmail emails to desktop” or wish to save Gmail emails to the computer, then this is the best tool to create and save the backup of all the Gmail data. This tool allows users to save Gmail emails into various file formats such as EML, EMLX, MBOX, PST, MSG, MHT, TXT, PDF, and HTML. There are no chances of data loss during the entire process of conversion and download.

Directly Exports Gmail Emails
Directly Exports Gmail Emails

This Gmail Migration Tool allows the user to directly export all emails of Gmail along with entire attachments to Thunderbird, Yahoo, IMAP, Zimbra, and Hotmail account. This software is suitable for those users who want to migrate from Gmail to any other email client. This tool performs the safest option for the export of Gmail emails and also keeps the data intact. The user does not have to worry about data theft and data alteration during the migration process.

Download G-Drive Elements
Download G-Drive Elements

G-Drive offers the users many facilities to save a lot of data elements like Documents from the Google Docs, Spreadsheets, PPTs, etc. If a user wants to download these data items than he can opt for My Drive option in the Category feature and can directly save them to the computer's Hard Disk or flash drive or any other external drive.

Delete after Download Feature
Delete after Download Feature

This is the most useful space-saving feature of this tool. There is an option of Delete after Download button which helps the users to create space on the Gmail server once all the emails are downloaded on the system or when the emails are exported to any other email clients. This option is basically an automatic way to remove those emails from Gmail which have been already downloaded.

Date Range Filter Option
Date Range Filter Option

If you wish to export Gmail emails to PDF or export Gmail to PST, and face the issue of selecting specific emails, then SysDataRescue provides the best Gmail backup software. The tool comes with Date Range Feature that allows the users to select specific emails according to the user's wishes. This feature is very beneficial for those users who are having thousands of emails stored in their Gmail profile and want to select emails to be saved and backed up.

Download Google Contacts and Folders
Download Google Contacts and Folders

Many users want to save a backup of folders and contacts from Gmail. This Gmail mail backup software allows users to download all the contacts and folders from a Gmail profile into PDF file format. The user can perform all these activities easily on their Windows system.

Self- Explanatory GUI
Self- Explanatory GUI

This is a very user-friendly tool for users as it provides simple and self instructive Graphic user Interface. This utility can be easily run by any technical as well as non-technical users without any problem. Users can easily understand the working of the tool and run it to backup Gmail emails with attachments.

Free Gmail Email Conversion
Free Gmail Email Conversion

The free version of the Gmail email backup software for Windows can be used if the user wants to migrate Gmail to outlook or if he/she wishes to perform conversion of Gmail to PDF. The trial version of the software provides free conversion of Gmail Emails of up to 50 emails. This way the user can evaluate the performance of the software and can convert 50 Gmail emails for free. The trial version can be easily downloaded from the website.

Renames Resultant Files
Renames Resultant Files

This is also a very user-friendly tool provided by SysDataRescue Gmail backup Utility. A lot of times, users face the issue of hundreds of emails having the same name, which can be quite confusing. Therefore there is an option in this tool to rename the resultant files according to their convenience so that they’ll not get confused among hundreds of emails.

Option to store file or folder
Option to store file or folder

WIth the SysDataRescue Gmail Backup Software, users can back up selected files or folders according to their desire. With this feature, users can save a number of Gmail items at a single time and the user can choose according to their preference.

Avoid Gmail Data Loss
Avoid Gmail Data Loss

If the user wishes to Save Gmail emails to USB or your desktop, then with the help of this tool, the users can keep your data secure. There are many reasons for data loss such as server storage limit, accidental deletion etc which can cause data loss. So, with this Gmail Backup Utility, you can always keep a backup of data to avoid these situations.

Wide Windows OS Compatibility
Wide Windows OS Compatibility

Gmail Backup software is compatible with all versions of Windows including the latest version Windows 10. It does not matter if you have an older version of Windows system with you, this software will work perfectly with it.

Technical Overview

Why We Need To Backup a Gmail Account

Gmail email client has been in use widely by many users and is the most preferred email client around the world. Users use it to save and transfer their personal and sensitive information. But, the Gmail account is also prone to data theft, hacking and security failures. These issues make the Gmail data prone to lose. This is the reason why users are always advised to keep the backup of their sensitive Gmail data. You need to take the backup of the emails in the following circumstances:

Need for Gmail backup Tool

Sudden or Accidental Deletion of Gmail mailbox data

If the user accidentally deleted the Gmail emails, the emails directly go to the bin or junk folder. But, it can happen that the user forgets to save the emails and from junk and the emails are permanently deleted from Gmail. Therefore, it is very important to keep the backup of important emails beforehand.

Hacking or Phishing

Threats such as Phishing, Ransomware, Malware and hacking attacks are the worst nightmare nowadays for your sensitive data. These attacks are just a click away from opening doors to your Gmail account to such malicious threats. So, in such a case, keeping the backup of your important emails is the only wise decision to make.

If your device is stolen or get physically damaged

Nowadays, many users access their Gmail account on their mobile phones and also get authentication on it to log in from different devices. In case the device gets stolen or is physically damaged, you could face the danger of your data loss. So, the best option for users would be to always maintain a backup of their Gmail data and protect it from wrongful hands.

Google Takeout is not the solution

Users have been using the Google takeout service to export data and create an archive of Google emails, drive data, etc. However, it comes with its own set of limitations. For example, there is a limited range of saving formats and users cannot download or save the data stored in a shared folder or all the data in a single attempt if it is more than 50 GB. While Gmail retains the data for a short time after deletion from the mailbox, the SysDataRescue Gmail Backup Tool allows you to quickly restore the data back to the mailbox and G-Drive. The backup of the Google account in the preferred format can be later used for the disaster recovery process.

Benefits of using the Gmail Email Backup Tool:

  • It saves a lot of time for users if you are dealing with hundreds of Gmail emails.
  • The tool makes it possible for users to convert Gmail emails to other file formats such as PST, MBOX, MHT, MSG, HTML, EML, EMLX, TXT, PDF, etc.
  • This tool allows even a user with no technical knowledge to save Gmail emails to their system.
  • The process is simple and takes a few steps only for conversion.
  • Users can keep the files safe at any of their desired locations such as desktop, flash drives, external hard drive, etc.
  • The login credential used by users to backup Gmail data is not saved in the database, making this a very safe tool for users. The identity of the user and the personal information is protected.

Before taking the backup of Gmail account know these points

  • Users must be having a personal Gmail account to take backup.
  • Turn-off the windows defender or firewall settings till the backup process are complete.
  • Run Software as Administrator for best output.

Comparison between Trial and Free version of Gmail Backup Wizard

Product Details Free Paid
Create Backup of Gmail Data with all the attachments First 50 Emails Unlimited
Runs on all versions of Windows OS
Directly imports emails to Outlook, Thunderbird, etc First 50 Emails Unlimited
Option to delete emails from the server after backup & download
Naming Convention feature
Select emails according to date range
24*7 technical support
Price Free $29
30 Days Money Back Guarantee Download Purchase



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Trial Limitations

Get the Free download version of Office 365 backup & restore tool for evaluation and testing purposes. The demo version offers all the features of the Full version but it comes with one limitation that it can backup only 25 emails from the O365 Mailbox. To use the complete features of the tool, upgrade to full version by getting the activation key.